Alex Jurado Leyda ,
+34 654 70 456 0 , +34 93 300 5 003,
Nationality: Spanish
Residence: Barcelona
Age: 46 (November 17th., 1976)
Target: To analyze, design, implement and deploy software projects.
Competences: Artificial Intelligence, statistics, Data Mining, databases, networks, system administration, project analysis and development, teaching.
Education: 2001-2007 Barcelona School of Informatics
Degree in Informatics Engineering
1995-2001 Barcelona School of Informatics
Diploma in Computer Systems
Present Activity: 2009-... Bitendian
  • Bitendian Ltd. co-founder
2009-... Terrassa School of Industrial and Aeronautic Engineering
  • Professor for Statistics and Operations Research department
2008-... andsports
  • Co-founder of andsports (sports portal).
2009-2011 Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Go instructor for beginners
2008-2012 Barcelona School of Engineering
  • Professor for Statistics and Operations Research department
2008-2009 SEID
  • Migration/cleaning of accounting information.
2008-2009 Delinter
  • Intranet arrangements (PHP over Linux and MySQL).
2008-2009 Reformasclic
  • Execution support to the development of a house refurbishment portal.
Professional experience: 2008 MovilMatch
  • PHP/MySQL front and backoffice of a Perrier promotion contest.
  • PHP/MySQL front and backoffice of a Nestlé promotion contest.
  • Deployment of Custo online shop's translation engine.
2008 Finconsum
  • Logs post-processing scripts.
2008 Laigu
  • Development of a web wizard (PHP and MySQL using Symfony) which generates pdf legal documents concerning Protection of Personal Data, focused on opticians.
  • Development (PHP/MySQL using Symfony) of a digital access control and presence distributed aplication.
2008 SoftObert
  • Teacher of PHP and MySQL.
  • Teacher of Linux for LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 certifications.
2006-2007 Shopall
  • Development of web application in PHP, C and MySQL, intranet and Linux network administration.
  • R&D on a search robot using machine learning, natural language processing and compilers theory.
2005-2006 Carver Advanced Systems for Roche Diagnostics
(Sant Cugat del Vallès)
  • Development of connection drivers with clinical analyzers.
  • Development of a connection project of Basque Country Health Service (Osakidetza) to a central host, using XML over Cache DBMS.
2005 GoFiB
Founder and president of Go Club at Barcelona School of Informatics
2005 Sicma21 for "La Vanguardia"
Programming, in C++, of a random number generator, standing for incidences which may happen in a working day, printing newspapers.
2004 Ludicus
Programming of games for slot machines.
2003 Iverywhere for Telefónica
  • Development of a PocketPC-Desktop synchronization via HTTP (Visual Basic, ASP).
  • Development of a SMS sending application, using servlets and certificates (SSL).
2003 WAFAE Association
  • Teacher on C programming language at Dar Schbab (Youth Center)
2002 Airgomo
  • Server-side: servlets over Apache Tomcat, Linux administrator, Java Server Pages, access control to DBMS MySQL using JDBC, implementing beans and connection pools, dynamic HTML generation, XHTML, WML for mobile phones supportings WAP-GPRS technology.
  • Client-side (mobile phones with Java): midlets programming, with total control on the device, low-level as well as high-level.
2000-2001 Laboratory of Synchrotron Light for CERN
Development of a GUI in Java for calibrating the magnetos of a particle accelerator.
1999-2001 ASES Academy
Coordination and marketing tasks.
1998-2005 ASES Academy
Teacher on Algebra, Discrete Math and Statistics for engineering students.
Publications: A new Finite State Machine Queueing Tool for the EPICS control system toolkit, Proceedings of the 12th IEEE-NPSS Real Time Conference (2001)
Languages: English,Spanish,Catalan. Learning German.
References: Written recommendation for leading and developing software projects by Robert Currie & Paolo Tedone (Airgomo).